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Contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris adalah cerita pendek yang berbahasa inggris, untuk menentukan Cerpen Bahasa Inggris termasuk cerpen atau cerpang (cerita panjang) he…he…he… tergantung kebutuhan pembaca yang mencari Cerpen Bahasa Inggris. Karena terkadang Cerpen Bahasa Inggris yang ditemukan dari hasil pencarian di mesin pencari diaggapnya bukan Cerpen Bahasa Inggris karena Cerpen Bahasa Inggris agak panjang karena mungkin dia memnginginkan yang lebih pendek dan ada juga menganggap Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tersebut terlalu pendek karena mungkin dia menginginkan Cerpen Bahasa Inggris yang lebih panjang, berikut beberapa contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

 The fox and the turtle
For want of a better meal, a starving fox captured a turtle, but then could not manage to break through the solid shell in order to eat it.
“You should try putting me in the water for a while to soften me up,” suggested the shrewd turtle.
This sounded like excellent advice to the fox. He carried his prey to the stream and immersed it in the current. The turtle, who was a superb swimmer, slid out of the fox's paws and re-emerged in mid-stream laughing, “There are animals who are even more cunning than you. Now you'll stay hungry!”

 The Fox and the eels
A fisherman was returning home after a day by the river with his cart full of eels. Reynard the fox saw him and immediately thought of a way of getting himself a sumptuous dinner. He down in the middle of the road and pretended to be dead.
When the fisherman saw him, he fell for the trick. He picked up the fox, convinced that he had found himself a beautiful fox skin, and put it in the back of his cart. Once on the move, Reynard emptied all the eels out into the road, gathered them up and ran off. So the gullible fisherman lost both his fox fur skin and his fish.

 The Owl and a nightingle
There was once a nightingale, in a cage by a window that was in habit of singing only at night. An owl was puzzled by this and went to the nightingale what the reason was.
“When I was captured,” explained the nightingale, “it was day and I was singing. In this way I learnt to be more prudent and to sing only at night.”
“Are you afraid you might be captured a second time?” asked the baffled owl, “It would have been better if you had been more careful the first time when your freedom was at risk. Now it doesn’t really matter anymore!”

  The rabbit Became white
Eye of the Eagle an Indian brave was a great hunter. One summer the weather was so hot and dry that all the prairie animals moved away in search of water, and even Eye of the Eagle could find no game with which to feed his tribe. Things got so bad that one day he got into his canoe and decided that he would have to follow the wild animals into the Great North where they had fled.
He paddled and paddled and went so far, that one day he was surprised to find himself in a snowstorm. This, however, did not disturb him, because he knew he could follow more easily on the snow the tracks left by animals. When he found the tracks of a deer, he began to follow them; but the snow fell so heavily that the hunter was blinded and became lost. He came across a brown rabbit and it offered to help him by guiding him back to his canoe. The rabbit’s dark skin stood out clearly against the snow.
In this way, Eye of the Eagle was saved. He was so grateful to the rabbit that he chanted a magic spell which made its fur turn white. This meant that the rabbit could no longer be seen against the snow in winter and so no-one could hunt it again.

The king and the beggar
There was once a poor beggar sitting alongside the road, he begged from morning until night, all he had received was a few grains. But in hopes he may earn more, he continued to beg. Soon the beggar noticed the king coming towards him. The beggar was excited. "May be the king will give me something expensive" he thought. "I'll sell it, and then I will buy myself some food."
The king got out his chariot and walked towards the beggar, but just as the beggar's hopes were raised, the king reached his hands out and begged before the beggar himself could beg!, the beggar was confused "what i give him?" he thought. Not knowing what else to do, he reached into his bag and gave the king a few of his grains. The king took the grains and walk off. The beggar went home sad and sullen. He was upset about not having received anything from the king.
"The townspeople are selfish," he thought. "Nobody gives, nobody cares"
With such thoughts racing through his mind, the beggar dashed his bag of grains against the ground, two golden coin sprung out from the bag as it hit the ground, the king had granted the beggar these two coins without him knowing, he had given them in exchange for the grains.
"What a fool I am!" the beggar thought
"I would have received so much more if I had given the king the whole bag!"

The genereous rich man
Once, there lived a wealthy man named Mr. Hartawan. He had vast rice fields, a lot of cattle, big houses with many rooms and five housemaids. He also had good children, a daughter named Arina and a son named Pandu. They always helped their parents do the work although there were housemaids.
One day, Mr. Hartawan told his family that he was bored with his life. This was because everyone in the house didn't allow him to work. So, he decided to give his farms and cattle to poor people. He wanted to live in a smaller and simpler house, so that he had time to work. Mrs. Hartawan and her children agreed with Mr. Hartawan.
The next morning, Mr. Hartawan and his family moved to a smaller and simpler house, which made Mr. Hartawan happy.

 Magic broom and cloth
There was a poor little girl, named Wulan, who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Her father was a merchant, who always left home very early in the morning and arrived home late at night. He never knew that Wulan was treated very badly by her stepmother and stepsisters. Wulan had to do the house chores herself. She had no time to rest, until her father came home.
One day, Wulan helped an old woman. In return, the woman gave her a magic broom and cloth, to help her with the house chores. She just needed to say, "Broom and cloth, please clean the house." and they would start cleaning the house. When she said, "It's done, thank you:',   they would stop working. Since then, Wulan did not need to work hard.
Wulan's stepmother and stepsisters knew how Wulan did the house chores. Then, they tried to use the magic broom and cloth. They asked them to clean their bedrooms. However, they didn't know how to stop the broom and cloth, after everything was done. Finally, the broom and the cloth kicked them out of the house. Since then, Wulan lived happily.

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