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Contoh dongeng bahasa inggris

Dongeng bahasa Inggris adalah sebuah cerita berbahasa inggri, Dongeng bahasa Inggris bisa diambil dari dongeng-dongeng di seluruh dunia, Dongeng bahasa Inggris kebanyakan adalah dongeng atau cerita khayalan yang pelakunya adalah binatang (fabel) yang kisahnya bisa bicara layaknya manusia, Dongeng bahasa Inggris bisa juga dari terjemahan dongeng daerah yang ditranslate ke dalam bahasa inggris, Dongeng bahasa Inggris merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam pelajaran bahasa inggris di sekolah yang lebih dikenal sebagai Narrative Text, Dongeng bahasa Inggris juga bisa berupa asal-usul terjadinya sesuatu tentunya versi Dongeng bahasa Inggris itu sendiri, Dongeng bahasa Inggris juga menceritakan dongeng yang bisa membuat kita terhibur dengan alur ceritanya yang lucu, anda mencari dongeng bahasa inggris, anda bisa langsung berkunjung ke www.englishstory12.blogspot.com untuk dongeng bahasa inggris, . ini beberapa contoh yang penulis ambil dari blog tersebut.

The Wood Cutter and the Fox

A pack of dogs chased a fox up a hill. It rain into a woodcutter’s hut.

“Help! Help!” the fox cried out. “Mr. Woodcutter, please let me hide in your hut. I’m afraid the dogs will catch me and eat me up,” he bowed deeply to the woodcutter.

“All right,” the woodcutter replied. “You can hide in the small room at the back of my hut. But be quick!” the woodcutter opened the door of the room and the fox hid himself inside.

A short while afterwards, a hunter arrived carrying a gun. He was followed by the pack of dogs.

“Ah, Mr. Woodcutter,” the hunter said, “we are looking for a fox. We chased it up the hill but it has now disappeared. Have you seen it?”

“No,” answered the woodcutter. But at the same time, he pointed towards the small room the back of the hut.

Fortunately, the hunter did not understand what he meant.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Woodcutter,” he said. “We shall have to look elsewhere.”

As soon as the hunter and his dogs had left, the fox came out of the room. He walked out of the front door without saying a word.

“Where are you going?” the woodcutter called out. “You’re a fine fellow! I saved your life and you don’t even stop to thank me.”

“Your words sound fine,” the fox said. “but your heart is evil. You say you want to help me, but you really want to harm me. How can I feel grateful to you?”

Cat and Mouse

One night, the mouse and the cat found a big pot of cheese. They were so happy about it. They carefully kept the pot in the attic of the house next door.
The cat, however, was not a good friend. He wanted to have at the cheese for himself, and therefore, he tried to find the way to secretly eat the cheese.
So, he said to the kind-hearted mouse, "My friend, my nephew is sick. I have to go and visit him," he said sadly.
"I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. Yes, of course. I think you should go and visit him. I hope your nephew will get well soon," the mouse said.
After that, the cat quickly went to the attic and greedily ate the cheese. He ate one third of the cheese.
Three days later, the cat said to the mouse that he would visit his sister. He said that her sister had just got a new baby. Of course, the cat lied again because he went to eat the cheese in the attic. There was only a half of the cheese left.
Ten days went by and the cat wanted to eat the cheese again. So he went and talked to the mouse.
"I wanted to visit my old Grandma," the cat told the mouse. "Okay. Send my best regards to her, will you?" reply the mouse. Hurriedly, the cat ran to the attic. This time, the cat greedily ate up the rest of the cheese.
When the winter came, the mouse finally found out that there was no cheese left. He finally realized that the cat had tied to him all the time. The mouse was very disappointed and angry at the same time. He cried angrily, "You are not my best friend anymore!"

A swan and a goose
A swan and a goose were both sold at the market on the same day to the same buyer. Then they were taken back to his villa and both put in the lake, the swan to please his eye, and his ears with its legendary song, and the goose to please his stomach eventually with its lovely, tasty meat.

For a long time, the two birds lived very happily together, becoming great friends. They swam about every day in the water and the master and his guests often came by to admire the two animals and feed them tasty morsels.

Nevertheless, the day came when the master ordered that the goose should be roasted for his dinner. The cook went down to the lake to fetch the unwilling guest to the banquet.

By chance that day, the cook was drunk, and instead of taking the goose he took the swan. When the swan saw the cook’s knife coming for its throat, it began to sing its famous last song. The cook was so amazed that he refused to kill the bird.

Which goes to show that everyone who knows how to make good use of words can find a way out of even the most desperate situation.

why cats and dogs always fight
 Long, long ago, in northern Taiwan, there lived a farmer and his wife. They had a ring of gold. They did not know it was a lucky ring. Whoever owned it would have enough to eat. The farmer and his wife sold it to a jeweler. Soon afterwards, they grew poorer and poorer. They did not even have enough money to buy food.
The couple had a dog and a cat. They also did not have any food to eat. The animals wanted to help their owners but they did know what to do.
“I must sure that must have been a magic ring,” the dog said.
“Perhaps,” answered the cat. “But how can we get it back from the jeweler?”
After many days, they thought of a plan.
“You must catch a mouse,” said the dog. “Then carry it to the jeweller’s shop. The ring is locked up there in a box. The mouse must gnaw a hole in the box and fetch out the ring. If the mouse does not want to help, you must bite him to death.”
Soon the cat caught a mouse. The dog followed behind while the cat carried it to the jeweller’s shop. The mouse crept into the shop and gnawed a hole in the box and brought out the ring.
The cat put the ring in its mouth and ran home. The dog followed. Now the dog could only run on the ground. He had to go all the way around the houses and through the streets. But the cat was able to run over the house-tops. So the cat arrived home long before the dog. She brought the ring to the farmer and his wife.
“This is a magic ring,” said the cat. “You must not part with it otherwise we shall be poor and have nothing to eat. I have brought it back. Please keep it carefully. You will find that we shall now be able to live comfortably again.
“What a clever cat!” said the farmer. “We shall look after you as if you were our own child.”
Just then the dog ran in. the farmer and his wife beat him for not helping the cat bring home the ring. The cat sat on the lap of the farmer’s wife and purred. So the dog became very angry with the cat. Every time he saw her after that, he chased her and tried to bite her.
This is why cats and dogs always fight.

The woodcutter and the king of the mice
The king of the mice lived inside a banyan tree in a forest. One day, a poor man was cutting down some trees. As he started to cut down the banyan tree, the king of the mice grew frightened “Please, leave the tree standing” he said to the woodcutter, “and I’ll give you a piece of gold every day.”
The woodcutter agreed. So, every evening the king of the mice took out a piece of gold from under the roots of the tree and gave it to the woodcutter. The woodcutter took the pieces of gold home and showed them to his wife.
After a few days, his wife asked him, “Where does the gold come from?”
“Don’t worry about that,” he said, “just keep it,”
A few days later she asked him again, but he did not tell her. “if you don’t tell me,” she said, “I’ll go and tell the government or even the king that you’re a robber.”
The woodcutter was frightened of his wife when she was angry. So he said, “Every evening the king of the mice gives me a piece of gold from under the roots of the tree.”
“Oh, you are stupid!” his wife said. “You’ve been tricked by a mouse. He gives you one piece of gold every evening but the rest of the gold is under the tree all the time! Why don’t you cut down the tree and take it all away?”
The woodcutter did as he was told. He cut down the tree. But when he looked under the roots, the gold was not there. The king of the mice had run away too.
That night, the king of the mice crept up to the woodcutter’s house and took back all the gold. So the woodcutter was as poor as ever.

The two ducks and the fox
One day, two ducks walked along the road to go to the lake for their swim. In the middle of the road, they met Mr. Fox. He sat under the tree.
 “Hello, sister. Where are you going?” asked Mr. Fox.
 “Good Morning, Mr. Fox. We are going to lake over there. We want to swim. Would you like to join us?” asked the ducks.
 “No, thanks. Do you both come along here every day?” asked Mr. Fox.
“Yes, we always walk here every morning,” said the ducks.
“Delicio….. I..I.. mean nice to see you both,” said Mr. Fox.
The next day, the first duck said, “Are we going to swim today? I bet that Mr. Fox is waiting for us and he has a bad plan.”
 “I know. I have a plan for him, too,” said the second duck.
On their way they met Mr. Fox again.
“Hello, sisters. Going to swim again?” asked Mr. Fox.
 “Yes, we are. Why don’t you take us to the lake and protect us from bad animals?” said the second duck.
 “Of course. It’s my pleasure,” replied Mr. Fox.
“This is an easy way to have a free lunch. I have a big bag with  me now,” though Mr. fox.
Three of them walked to the lake and sang some songs.
“When I say run, let’s run fast together,” said the second duck, “Run!!!”
They ran so fast and jumped into the lake. Mr. fox jumped upon them, but he forgot that he could not swim. So, Mr. fox drowned in the lake. He failed to get his free lunch.

A fly and an ant
A fly and an ant got into an argument over a silly question as to who had right of way. The fly, which has always been one of the rudest insects, said all sorts of horrible things to the unas­suming ant.
“You are such a tiny, insignificant creature,” it said. “How dare you compare yourself to me, a daughter of the air? I go to the palaces of the greatest lords, and eat out of the plates of bishops. If I choose to, I can even walk about on the crown on the king's head!”
The ant waited patiently for the fly to finish, and then he answered carefully: “Yes, I know that you can land on heads, but you are not even capable of distinguishing between the head of a king and the head of an ass. Furthermore, it is not as if you are welcomed In palaces.... But why am I wasting my time with you when l should be off gathering supplies for the winter? Although ants may be tiny, we are wise, and the cold doesn't kill us. You flies can fly up high.... but when the first cold comes, you fall to the ground, along with the dry leaves, and what good to you are your wings then!”

The Tortoise and the Birds
Once upon a time, all the birds were invited to a feast by the people of the sky. Tortoise was very clever and very hungry and as soon as it heard about the great feast, it began to plan how it would travel to the sky.
Tortoise went to the birds and asked if it could go with them. The birds agreed and they each give it a feather, with which it made a pair of wings.
The great day came and Tortoise and the birds set off on their journey.
“There in one important thing which we must not forget,” they said, as they flew. “When people are invited to a great feast like this, they use new names.” So, they each used a new name and so did Tortoise. It was to be called all of you.
Finally, the birds and Tortoise arrived at the party. The people of the sky invited the birds to eat the delicious food they had prepared, but then Tortoise asked, “For whom have you prepared this feast?”
“For all of you,” replied the people on the sky.
Tortoise turned in the birds and said, “Remember that my name is all of you. You will eat after me.”
The birds waited angrily as Tortoise ate and drank most of the feast. Then they came forward to eat, but a few of them were too angry to eat. Before flying home, each bird took back the feather it had lent Tortoise. So, there Tortoise stood in its hard shell full of food and drink, but without any wings to fly home. It asked the birds to pass a message to its wife, but they all refused except Parrot.
“Parrot, my good friend,” said Tortoise, “Please ask my wife to bring out all the soft item from our house so that I can jump down from the sky safely.”
Parrot flew away, but when it reached Tortoise’s house, Parrot ask Tortoise’s wife to bring out all the hard items from the house. Tortoise looked down from the sky and saw its wife, but it was too far to see what its wife was bringing out. When everything was ready, it jumped. It fell and fell and fell and landed with a great crash on the ground. It wasn’t hurt but its shell broke into pieces. However, there was a good doctor in the neighbourhood. Tortoise’s wife sent for him and he collected all the bits of Tortoise’s shell and stuck them together. That is why, Tortoise’s shell is not smooth.

The Mouse Princess
A daughter was born to the king and a great feast was prepared for the baptism. Unfortunately, through a terrible oversight, the witch was not invited. To avenge herself for this insult, the witch put an evil spell on the baby girl and turned her into a mouse,  “She will only become herself again on the day my sister laughs!”
All the clowns and comedians in the kingdom were called, but they did not succeed in getting even a smile from the sister of the witch. The king had no alternative in the end but to banish all cats from his kingdom so that the royal mouse would not be eaten.
One day, a prince in the next kingdom held a ball at his castle. The other three daughters of the king all attended, dressed magnificently, of course. The little mouse, on the other hand, was left at home as usual, but decided she, too, would go to the ball.
She jumped on the back of a cockerel, and tied some red ribbon through its beak as reins, and set off. When she got to the bail, the sight of the ribboned cockerel, with a white mouse on its beak, was so comical, that the witch’s sister at last burst out laughing. Then, the little white mouse was changed back into a young lady, so beautiful that the prince fell in love with her at once, and asked for her hand in marriage.

The old man who like dragons story
Once upon a time, there was an old man who said he liked-dragon. He even painted dragons on the doors and walls of his house.
The King of the dragon lived in the palace of the Queen Mother of the West. When he heard about the old man, he decided to go and see him. After arriving at his house; he put his head through a window on one side and his tail through a window on the other.
“Old man, are you at home” he called out.
The old man did not answer, he was very frightened to see the dragon.
“don’t be afraid, old man,” the Dragon King said. “I won’t hurt you.”
But the old man opened the back door and ran out of the house.
“Ha! Ha! Ha! Now I know you do not like real dragons,” the Dragon King called after him. “You only like pictures of them.”
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